In order to bring Earth to safe Holocene levels below 350 ppm atmospheric CO2, and 1° C warming above pre-industrial levels, a plan for a concerted economic and social transformation towards a fossil-free future is needed.

We are working with some of the best scientists in the world in this field to prove this can be achieved with 100% affordable clean energy, clean materials, and greener, more diverse landscapes acting as carbon sinks, all on time to avoid overshooting tipping points.

Our research aims to prove that sustainable global transformation is still possible and economically sensible. We plan to redefine the narrative and catalyze the needed action worldwide.

For this, our world-leading scientific, policy, dissemination, and management teams need a total annual funding commitment of $2.1 million for 2024 and $3.3 million yearly on average for 2025-2029.

A detailed budget can be provided on request.

For 2024, the non-profit organization registered in Germany, the EduClimate gUG, will fund the teams. In 2024, the Holocene Foundation will be incorporated and take over the Holocene Project.

The bank account of the EduClimate gUG in Germany is

IBAN: DE21 4306 0967 1275 2381 00

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